Even the best maintained heat pump will quit working down the road. Learn how long you can plan for yours to operate and how to extend its use.

A heat pump is a adaptable and effective solution for both heating and cooling. By pumping heat between the indoor and outdoor units, comfortable temperatures are where you expect them every day of the year. But that’s a lot of hard work for one HVAC system. Knowing how long your heat pump will survive in stable condition is a crucial part of getting optimal use out of it.

Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation offers professional heat pump installation in Holbrook. Our friendly, certified employees will share everything you should know to make heat pump replacement a worthwhile investment. As your trusted local service company, we’re dedicated to top-notch heat pump installation and maintenance services.

There are multiple ways to boost your heat pump’s life span. Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation and our team of reliable HVAC professionals can offer all the information you need to make an informed decision. For a free consultation or no-obligation estimate, get in touch with us today at 631-460-5159. We can also help you arrange your own heat pump replacement appointment. For now, here are a few tips for getting the most of your heat pump system.

Yearly Tune-Ups Can Lengthen Your Heat Pump’s Life Span

Many heat pumps last for around 15–25 years, with most requiring replacement after around 20 years. It may depend on how well the system is taken care of and how intensively you use it. Top brands and consistent service is crucial for maximum longevity. A Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation HVAC specialist can recommend the best heat pump replacement model and complete seamless heat pump installation.

Climate in Holbrook

Heat pumps perform both heating and cooling. Climates with extreme temperature swings will be subject to more frequent and intensive use. The same goes for scorching summers and cold winters. A heat pump is a useful addition or backup for northern climates. They’re even less likely to seize up during cold snaps compared to usual furnace systems.

Your Heating and Cooling Needs

A small one-bedroom isn’t the same as extensive office space. Professional heat pump installation means finding the heating and cooling needs of any given space. Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation pros will help figure out what model creates the right balance between power and efficiency. Models with smart technology features can understand when you are home or at work and minimize energy use accordingly.

Annual Tune-Ups

You and a Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation technician can work together to keep your heating system in excellent condition. Changing your air filter and keeping the area near your system clean of debris are both easy tasks you can perform by yourself. Our staff are trained to know where and when your heat pump needs servicing. Broken or worn parts are replaced if necessary, and detailed inspections frequently point out potential issues. Because your heat pump is run throughout the year, we recommend scheduling professional heat pump maintenance with us in the spring and fall.

How Much Should Installing a Heat Pump Cost?

Even the best heat pump system doesn’t last forever. When it’s time to look into heat pump replacement in Holbrook, choosing the ideal model is a crucial part of the process. On average, your total heat pump installation cost runs between $3,000 to $8,000, according to HomeAdvisor. It might be higher or lower depending on the features and labor costs. A heat pump is already more efficient than separate heating and cooling equipment. Picking a higher-efficiency model is more expensive at first, but may further reduce your monthly energy expenses.

Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation and our team of heating veterans can help. We’re committed to guaranteeing that you get the most out of your HVAC system. We have proven experience providing quality heat pump installation in Holbrook. Your technician can suggest reliable brands and models. Taking advantage of our efficient, affordable maintenance packages will help your new heating system run even longer. It will also decrease the risk of damage or malfunctions.

Whatever you are in the market for, Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation will get the job done. Contact our customer support staff at 631-460-5159 for a free consultation or no-obligation estimate. And when you’re ready for top-notch heat pump replacement services, we’ll arrange your appointment as soon as possible. Give us a call right away!