Troubleshooting and doing your own AC repair in Holbrook, New York, can appear like a lot of hassle.

There’s a better way. There are several quick remedies you can attempt by yourself that might help you get out of an AC service call.

When you’re having air conditioning issues, try this checklist before calling a heating and cooling repair professional like Fal-Ken Heating & Cooling Corporation.

Our experts are standing by at 631-460-5159 when you need expert service. We have emergency AC repair and work on most brands of central AC equipment.

If you want to get an up to date air conditioner, we also provide AC installation.

When you’re in contact with us, contemplate a yearly AC maintenance plan that may help you keep clear of future malfunctions. We can advise how often you need air conditioner service.

Ready to get started troubleshooting your system? Try our fast tips below. Many of these procedures don’t require any HVAC knowledge.

Air Conditioner Repair Checklist

1. AC Won’t Turn On

There can be a few reasons why your air conditioner won’t start: a tripped circuit breaker, incorrect thermostat settings, a turned off switch or an overflowing condensate drain pan.

Overloaded Circuit Breaker

Your air conditioner won’t start when you have a blown breaker.

To see if one has gotten overloaded, locate your home’s main electrical panel. You can spot this silver box on the wall in the basement, garage or closet.

  • Make sure your hands and feet are free of moisture before you touch the panel or breakers.
  • Find the breaker labeled “AC” and ensure it’s in the “on” position. If it’s triggered the switch will be in the middle or “off” spot.
  • Quickly shift the switch back to the “on” spot. If it immediately triggers again, leave it alone and call us at 631-460-5159. A fuse that keeps tripping could indicate your house has an electrical issue.

Inaccurate Thermostat Settings

If your thermostat isn’t telling your system to run, it won’t switch on.

The first part is ensuring it’s set to “cool” and not “heat.” Otherwise your AC may not start running. Or you could get. hot air moving from vents because the heat is on instead.

If you have a digital thermostat:

  • Swap out the batteries if the readout is blank. If the readout is showing jumbled numbers, replace the thermostat.
  • Check the correct option is displaying. If you can’t update it, reverse it by dropping the temperature and pressing the “hold” button. This will force your AC to work if programming is incorrect.
  • Attempt to set the thermostat 5 degrees below the space’s temperature. Your AC won’t cool if the thermostat is identical to the room’s temperature.

Once your thermostat is adjusted properly, you should receive cold air fast.

If you rely on a smart thermostat, like one made by Nest, Ecobee, Lux, Honeywell or Bosch, look at the manufacturer’s website for troubleshooting. If it still won’t work, contact us at 631-460-5159 for assistance.

Turn-Off Switch

Your cooling equipment typically has a shut-off switch near its outdoor unit. This lever is generally in a metal box hung on your residence. If your unit has recently been maintained, the switch may have accidentally been left in the “off” setting.

Blocked Condensate Drain Pan

Condensate drain pans catch the additional liquid your system removes from the air. This pan can be found either under or in your furnace or air handler.

When there’s a clog or backed up drain, water can become concentrated and prompt a safety control to stop your unit.

If your pan has a PVC pipe or drain, you can drain the extra liquid with a custom pan-cleaning tab. You can purchase these tablets at a home improvement or hardware store.

If your pan includes a pump, find the float switch. If the switch is “up” and there’s moisture in the pan, you might have to install a new pump. Contact us at 631-460-5159 for support.